Rückblick: 5ICCH 2015 in Chicago

Home Insurance Building 1885

Vom 3. bis 7. Juni 2015 fand in Chicago der → 5th International Congress on Construction History statt. Der Kongress hatte knapp 270 Teilnehmer,  über 40 stammten aus Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz.

Hier die Beiträge unserer Mitglieder als pdf-Dokumente zum Download:

→ Barbara Berger: The Gasholder – Shaped by its Function. The Italian Example
→ Ulrich Buchmann: Carl Tuchscherer: 1911–1934. An Innovative German Timber Construction Company
→ Dirk Bühler: Historical Models of Civil Engineeering in Collections in Augsburg and Munich
→ Manfred Curbach,  Thomas Hänseroth, Falk Hensel et al.: Genius and Nazi? Willy Gehler (1876−1953) − A German Civil Engineer and Professor between Technical Excellence and Political Entanglements in the 20th Century
→ Magdalena Daniel: Constructing Health – The Pursuit of Engineering a “Health-Promoting Interior Climate” during the 1830s and 1840s
→ Sergej Fedorov: Early Prefabricated Iron-Ribbed Domes: St. Isaacʼs Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia, 1838 –18410s
→ Anke Fritzsch: Innovation and Reception. Historic Heating Systems in European Museum Architecture of the 1st Half of the 19th Century
→ Lukas Ingold, Mario Rinke: Sergio Musmeci’s Search for New Forms of Concrete Structures
→ Andreas Kahlow: Bützow’s Wrought Iron Lattice Truss Bridge across the Nebel River, 1848: Design, History, and Reconstruction
→ Sabine Kühnast: The Development of New Building Materials in Germany from 19191 onwards and their Standardization using the Example of Hollow and Perforated Clay Bricks
Sabine Kuban: Innovation and Standstill – Early Application and Development of the “Monier System” in Berlin
→ Werner Lorenz, Bernhard Heres: The Demidov Ironworks in Nevyansk (Ural Mountains) – Iron Structures in Building from the First Half of the 18th Century
→ Roland May: Shell Sellers. The International Dissemination of The Zeiss-Dywidag System, 1923–1939
→ Ekaterina Nozhova: Assembled Without Scaffolding: The Construction of Schukhov’s Timber Lattice Hyperboloids
→ Eberhard Pelke, Karl-Eugen Kurrer: On the Evolution of Steel-Concrete Composite Construction
→ Christoph Rauhut: ‘Bauplatzstatik’ – How Structural Theory Altered Average Building Processes and how Daily Routine Influenced Structural Analysis
→ Mario Rinke: Terner & Chopard and the New Timber – Early Development and Application of Laminated Timber in Switzerland
→ Hermann Schlimme: Western Style Spring Fountains, Plays of Water and Hydraulic Construction in the Yuanmingyuan in Beijing and their European Models
→ Knut Stegmann: Experimental Cultures in Early Concrete Construction
→ Klaus Tragbar: Constructing a Cathedral. Notes on the Construction Management of Siena Cathedral
→ Christiane Weber: The Last Witnesses – Physical Models in Architecture and Structural Design, Taking the Technichal University in Stuttgart as an Example
→ Volker Wetzk: The Use of Steel Castings in Mechanical and Civil Engineering – Germany. 1850-1950
→ Ine Wouters: Building with Bookcases. An Archive Depot in Iron (Antwerp, 1851)